Finance team plays a key role in every stage of our decision making process by providing vital information on inflow and outflow of funds.    In addition to normal accounting and book keeping functions, they involve actively in keeping a check and balance on every action we take.   Project team gets various financial reports regularly to keep their expenses under control which in turn help them to work effectively.  

Chartered Accountants and Financial Analysts participate in all the Management meetings and present the areas of concern and suggest appropriate actions.   They advise on optimum and proper utilization of all resources and supervise on Materials procurement and inventory.

Financial policies, receivables, payables, payroll, managing the working capital, insurance and monthly MIS reports are few regular jobs carried by this team.   Oracle accounting software is used to maintain all the data which is well protected by necessary IT security. 

Information Technology

IT Department helps to keep abreast of the latest technology or software which can provide accurate and fast information.    Latest software is used for Project work related to Planning, Quantity surveying, design, etc.  and finance, HR, Procurement and Stores.    Team of IT professionals is available for support, maintenance and to ensure IT security. 

IT team of hardware and software professionals takes care of all IT related issues and takes periodic backups and takes care of secured data storage. 

Currently Head of Finance also supervises and controls the functions of IT department.  Hence any query related to Finance or IT department can be addressed to the following :

Finance & IT Manager
Email : fm@galfarkuwait.comkw

Phone: T  :  +965-24579260/62/63